We always crave for parties, junk food and comforts. But did we ever think about those who crave for little grains of rice? Those who stay far away from their families with the hope of a better life? Today, I dedicate my article to all those migrant workers who take their blood, sweat and tears in making our lives comfortable.

The migrant workers who were working at the factories, construction sites, power plants and standing as a backbone to the Indian economy are today suffering for income and food. The nationwide lock down has caused immense distress to the migrant workers across the country. They are now finding their ways back home. With no sufficient money to afford for the transportation, they have decided to go by foot. With no food and shelter being provided, they have decided to stay hungry. With no medical facilities being provided, they have decided to take the risk. Their ultimate goal is to reach home. They know that going home will not decrease their problems, but still they want to go home so that at least they will survive on the vegetables which grow on their small land; at least they will be with their families. Why are all these burdens being placed on their shoulders? Why their problems are left unnoticed?

Though the effort by the governments to send them to their places is commendable, it is not sufficiently effective to handle such a large number. A more efficient, economical and convenient way could be to make them stay at their places by coordinating with the industries at those places, getting them absorbed at work through industry -govt partnerships. Not only during this lock down period, even during the time of regular work, have they needed to be supported so that they can make their lives better. In my point of view, all these migrant workers must be issued ID cards so that they can claim money from the Government. Food, transportation and medical facilities must be provided free of cost. There is a need to match the demand and supply for their skills and employers must be sensitive enough to provide required facilities for them. Hence, a law is needed to deal with any adversities that the migrant workers may confront in future in a holistic manner. This sector must be made an organised sector and they must be paid PF’s and ESI’s. This is a country for all. There should be no discrimination. So, let’s put our hands together and make this humanity prevail.


Stay home, Stay safe.



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